Buffalo Club Wine Room Construction

Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Club Wine Room Construction Buffalo Club Wine Room Construction

The Buffalo Club is one of Buffalo’s most prestigious social organizations, and has been in existence since 1867. Founded by members including the club’s first President, Millard Fillmore, the original founding statement read “to promote social intercourse among its members.” The Buffalo Club moved to its present location in 1887.

In modern times, social intercourse often occurs over a glass of fine wine. The Buffalo Club was lacking in a wine storage room, and desired to offer members a place to store and enjoy their wine collections. Preserving the integrity of the stately Club was of first priority, and Resetarits Construction was hired to ensure that the construction of the wine room would preserve the architectural significance of the Club.

The Buffalo Club Wine Room was constructed within an existing room at the Club. This existing room featured woodwork dating back to the construction of the building in 1870. Resetarits Construction utilized the talents of the finest carpenters in Buffalo, who were able to replicate the original craftsmanship of the room.
The Buffalo Club’s high standards of excellence demanded minimal interruption of members’ enjoyment of the Club during the construction process. Resetarits Construction was able to achieve project success while ensuring that noise, dust, and deliveries did not interfere with Club activities.

The Wine Room features a climate controlled environment for the storage of the members’ rare and extensive wine collections. Individual wine lockers provide a secured storage space for private collections. The project added a modern amenity to the Club, while maintaining the architectural integrity of the building.

The greatest compliment to our work was received when providing a member with a tour of the new Wine Room. Upon entering the room, the member could not identify which area of the room was new construction. That our work has blended so seamlessly with the exceptional craftsmanship of the original building is the greatest testament to our success.

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