Dods Hall, Fredonia State College

Dods Hall, Fredonia State College

Constructed in 1962, Dods Hall is part of an athletic complex which supports competitive intercollegiate and recreational intramural athletic programs. Special features of the complex include a gymnasium, dance studio, ice rink, basketball/track arena, and a natatorium. The existing fitness center in Dods Hall offers use of nautilus equipment, exercise machines and free weights to members of the campus community.

This project provided the campus with a new fitness center located within the Dods Hall old pool area.  Critical maintenance issues were also addressed within the space, such as the removal of asbestos containing panels that coved the structural framing, window replacement, bleacher removal, finish upgrades, lighting and electrical upgrades. The design consisted of an exterior visual connection to the fitness center by removing the south façade and southwest corner masonry brick, and installing a new trans-parent curtain wall. The project also introduced a climbing wall located on the west wall, and a locker area located at the east end adjacent to the new entry and check-in counter. The space is finished with wood acoustical panels, a new rubber floor and a suspended fabric ceiling with four large ceiling fans to provide air circulation. Flat screen TV’s are placed in various locations and a sound system provides background acoustics.

Here are a few photos from the final phase of construction.

Dods Hall2 Dods Hall4 Dods Hall3 Dods Hall1 Dods Hall5